Weekly student

Weekly students:

  • Price is 30$ (USD) per 45 minutes lesson paid monthly before first lesson.
  • Paid via PayPal
  • You have your fixed time slot, we meet at least once a week. However before monthly payment (and reflected in payment of course) you can inform me about any planned absences.
  • We can try to reschedule within the next 7 days if you inform meĀ (via email) up to 4 hours before a lesson about your absence. I can’t promise however that we’ll find a window that suits us both. Unused lessons don’t transfer to following weeks.
  • In case of absence longer than 2 weeks being the result of some sort of act of God I’ll hold your lessons for you and you can use them as soon as you’re able.
  • If I am ill or by so called act of God unable to teach, you can choose either reschedule or refund.
  • If you want to schedule lessons or have any questions, just drop me a message:

Scheduling and questions