About me


I’m Blaze, this site’s host.

My adventure with music has been going on since 2004 when, like so many others, I was struck by mind-blowing Tommy Emmanuel’s concert. I found myself there by pure luck. I was 18 and never before had I considered taking up the guitar. I had had many chances to do that, believe me! I was raised in a family of professional musicians: classical guitarist and cellist.

Still, only after listening to Tommy’s concert, I decided to start playing. Now, after 10 years of hard work I feel like I’m beginning to take shape. I had few opportunities to perform. I am also guitar teacher, which basically is my full time job now.

One last thing you might have already noticed. I’m not native English speaker. I was born and have lived all my life in Poland. So, even though I feel pretty good about my English level, I beg your forgiveness for any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors (especially commas, with which I struggle even in my mother tongue)  – nobody is perfect :).