Silent night in 2 arrangements

Closer and closer, Christmas is coming. I guess it’s a good time to refresh my two takes on Silent night as it’s not to late to learn one of them.

First one is an absolute basic. It could easily be your first fingerstyle song. It consists of melody line and some bass notes. No chords, very straightforward. Alternatively it can be a last resort carol if you wake up on Christmas Eve with nothing to play ;).


Second arrangement is in the same key (Amaj) but it utilises full chords (basic though). If you have barre in your arsenal it should be pretty straightforward.

I wish you all Merry Christmas with your family, friends and guitar.

2 thoughts on “Silent night in 2 arrangements”

  1. Hello
    I love your version of Tommyn Emmanuel’s Silent night.
    Could you please provide the music and tabs for your version to use with your video, so that I can follow it mor easily?

    1. Hi. Thanks for asking. Unfortunately I don’t have tabs for this song. I hope that you manage with just the video however.

      In case you still have problems with it, in a matter of days I launch my Skype lessons which in the first period are going to be priced very favorably.

      Cheers and Merry Christmas!

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